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3/4D are enjoying watching the Rio Olympics



Currently it is the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. We have enjoyed watching all the different events.

What is your favourite Olympic event? Why?

What was your favourite moment from the Olympic games?

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The start of term was busy as we rehearsed our item for the school concert – OLIVER. Friday 22nd July we excitedly arrived at the Besen Centre ready for our performance.

Check out the photos below from OLIVER. Press on the full screen option for a better view.

What was your favourite part of Oliver?
What was your favourite song from Oliver?
What did you enjoy about our school concert?

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3/4D are learning all about the Digestive System


On Monday 9th May Sally from Monash University came and taught 3/4D how the digestive system works.

Check out Cate and Samson’s recount of our incursion:

I used to wonder about how we swallow food but when we had such a fun time going to the hall my class and I found out how we digest in such a fun way!

When we walked into the hall we were greeted by an enthusiastic scientist who worked at Monash university who was here to teach us about the digestive system, her name was Sally!

The first thing Sally did with us was telling us how we get our energy the answer to that was food! After that she got my class and I to eat a delicious lolly. While we were eating and swallowing she told us a few facts.

After we had swallowed such a yummy treat! We were taught about the peristalsis then we did a fun activity involving tights and a ping pong ball, it sounds like such an odd mix but those two things together made such a fun game.

Then she got us to get into pairs and head to a table, we had to put a piece of bread in a plastic bag with some water then we had to squish it! This explained how the stomach churned and squished food.

We worked on that activity for a while then at the end we had a choice to touch an ox’s tongue and (or) a pig’s intestine and (or) a pig’s stomach!Knowing that I was squeamish I decided not to touch any of these things!

It was easy to say that this incursion was by far the most interesting incursion I have had so far!
I hope we get to do this activity again because I can certainly say it was fantastic!

By Cate

When we got there Sally was talking about the Mouth, Teeth and Saliva. She was also talking about sugar and how it digests in your mouth. Then we put a lolly in our mouth and she wanted us to feel the sugar digesting in our mouths. The lolly was delicious.

Then she was talking about the oesophagus. The oesophagus is in your throat and that breaks down the food that we eat. We had to play this game called peristalsis and we had a stocking and a ping pong ball. We got into groups of 5 and we had to push the ping pong ball through the stocking like you ate something and it’s going through your throat. Whichever team won got another lolly and all teams wanted the prize but only one team could win the prize. That team wasn’t my team unfortunately.

After that we did an experiment and we had to put a piece of bread in plastic bag and mix it with water. It looked gross! Then we put cocoa and oats in the plastic bag. Then we put the stuff in a cloth and I had to squeeze the water out. Once all the water was squeezed out of the cloth there was stuff left that was the waste. After we did that we got to touch an ox’s tongue, a pig’s small intestine and a pig’s stomach. We obviously touched those organs with gloves. Straight away I washed my hands. Over all I think it was an awesome, interesting incursion.

By Samson

What was your favourite part of the incursion?
What new fact did you learn?

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Goodbye and Good Luck Year 3/4D


Thank you for being a part of Year 3/4D. Click on the Smilebox creation below to see all of our memories from this amazing Year. Best wishes from Miss Dickson

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What was your favourite memory from this year? Why?

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Our Excursion to Sovereign Hill


Our Term 4 Inquiry unit is investigating ‘What are the significant events and people that have changed Australia?’ Our Friday 23rd October all the year 3/4s headed to Sovereign Hill to discover what life was like in the 1850s and how the Gold Rush made a significant impact on life in Australia. After what seemed like an eternity in the bus we finally arrived in Ballarat. Click on the link below to see photos from our amazing day at Sovereign Hill:

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Our day involved a session at the School, seeing the gold pour, a tour of the Red Hill Mine and trying our luck at goldpanning. Check out all the gold Year 3/4D found!!!!

3-4D with gold

What was your favourite moment at Sovereign Hill? Why?
What did you learn about life in the 1850s?
What job would you have liked in the 1850s? Why?

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Operation Christmas Child


Our Term 3 Inquiry unit involved students running a market stall to raise money for charity. We raised $1650! What an amazing effort from the students in year 3/4.

On Thursday 15th October Year 3/4D went over to the shops to buy things to put into our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.






This charity gives children who are less fortunate than us presents at Christmas Time. Click on the video below to find out more about Operation Christmas Child:

Why do you think Operation Christmas Child is a worthy cause to donate to?

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Year 3/4 Market Day – Raising Money for Charity


Our Term 3 Inquiry unit was ‘How Does Money Work?’ Our taking action involved students working in small groups running a market day stall which the whole school attended. The goal of our market day was to put the skills we had learnt throughout the inquiry into action and raise as money as we could for charity. We raised $800 for Operation Christmas Child and $850 for the Peter MacCullum Cancer Foundation. It was an amazing effort from our Year 3/4 students. Click the link below to see photos from our Market Day.

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What stall did you run at Market Day?
What did you learn from running your stall?
What was your favourite stall to visit at Market Day? Why?
What did you learn from our Term 3 Inquiry Unit?

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Celebrating Book Week


On Monday 24th August students and teachers at Holy Family Primary School came dressed as their favourite book character to kick off the celebrations of Book Week. This year’s theme is Books Light Up Our World. The purpose of Book Week is to celebrate books and Australian authors and illustrators.

Click on the video below to see our book week parade:

The Winner of the Picture Book category was My Two Blankets.

What was your favourite book week book? Why?
What is your favourite book? Why?
Who is your favourite book character? Why?

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Learning to write great descriptions by making popcorn


Year 3/4D have been learning about descriptive writing. A good description allows the reader to feel like they are experiencing what you are writing about. In descriptive writing we use adjectives to achieve this.

The primary purpose of descriptive writing is to describe a person, place or thing in such a way that a picture is formed in the reader’s mind. Capturing an event through descriptive writing involves paying close attention to the details by using all of your five senses. We made popcorn and had to describe the experience using our sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Click on the video below to see our popping popcorn experience:

After making popcorn we filled in our data chart describe the experience using our 5 senses. Then we created our descriptions. Below are a few of our amazing descriptions.

Impatiently the class waits while they get separated into four groups hoping to be with their friends. Once in groups we are sent to a hard cold desk inside the well decorated classroom. We stare at the bright yellow machine that stands in the center of the desk. As soon as we are at the table we start the bright yellow popcorn machine. After a few minutes of heating the machine is now hot and ready to go. We can now close the flap and pour the round corn kernels in. As we open the flap the kernels quickly pour into the hole in the bottom of the machine. The machine buzzes like a hair dryer and the kernels get swept around like they are clothes in a washing machine. After 2 minutes something happens. POP, POP, POP. Popcorn flies everywhere luckily the machine has a tall lid that makes the popcorn shoot into a bowl. They are all different shapes and sizes. They look like different clouds. the texture is lumpy, spongy and you can feel the saltiness. Our mouths start to water as our teacher pours popcorn into blue, striped cups for us to enjoy. People like me liked more crushed salt. You could smell the sweet butter and the ocean salt on the delicious popcorn. The colour is white, with a hint of a faded yellow. On the inside is a crisp brown. I start to feel hungry but excited. Finally I take a bite. It is delicious but i have to explain more. I feel like a food critic on master chef. I define my tastes into buttery, salty and really yummy. Immediately It feels warm on the outside but when you really bite it it burns your tongue with hotness. After four refills with my cup I hit salt bottom. Yes I literally drink up the rest of the popcorn and the salt. I get about two tablespoons of salt in and on my precious tongue. I run for my water bottle and drink up ¾ of the water. We now have no popping popcorn left and I still can’t feel my tongue. By Ayva

Whir! I heard the popcorn machine starting up. All of a sudden I heard a POP. POP, POP, POP, POP went the noisy machine. It made me want to reach out and touch the miracle food but I knew it was unsafe. Finally after teasing us by making us smell the amazing smell of popcorn the machine stopped. Miss K handed us big cups of the wonderful, buttery, salty, bumps they call popcorn.

I played an exciting game of Chubby Bubbies with Samson. “1 Chubby Bubby” I said as the first small bomb of happiness hit my open mouth. By the end of the game there were 43 pieces of goodness in my mouth. I tried to stop thinking the delicious taste because I knew I might not get more and it would be painful agony to keep thinking about it. Then everyone was handed another small piece of yumminess. I ate it all quickly and gave a big sigh. It was over. Oh well, It was an exciting, joyful experience.  By Lachlan

As I was sitting in the gray chair watching the red popcorn machine. It was popping like no tomorrow. My mouth was watering. I imagined the popcorn in my watering mouth. It smelled like butter. Finally it is time to receive popcorn and I am feeling speechless. I slowly picked up a piece of popcorn and peeled it apart to see what was inside. Next I quickly popped it into my mouth. The popcorn tasted burnt but it still tasted amazing. I asked for more and we each got second servings. Suddenly there was no popcorn left. I felt ruined, torn to shreds.  By Aidan

As I enter the room yellow, red and green popcorn machines surround me. I stand around a red popcorn machine on a hard, green desk. The red popcorn machine starts to buzz as it heats up. Just a few seconds later it was boiling hot and smelled like fire. I heard popping sounds around me. I turned around to see what everyone else was up to but when I looked back a single popcorn jumped into the bowl then another, and two more. Pretty soon the bowl was filled to the brim but the yummy popcorn was still popping. Popcorn flew out of the bowl and landed on the round, hard desk.  Finally it stopped and I got a yummy, hot cup of popcorn. I picked up a salty, warm piece of popcorn and put it in my watering mouth. It was crunchy and chewy.  Suddenly the saltiness hit my tongue as I gasped for water trying to have more hot popcorn.  When it went away I sighed in reliefI.As i finished the yummy cup of popcorn, I stared at the empty bowl wanting more of the crunchy popcorn but it was all gone! By Jenna

What is descriptive writing?
How would you describe making popcorn?
Did you enjoy this experience? Why?


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Planning for the Commonwealth Bank to visit


With our term 3 Inquiry unit we have been investigating ‘How Does Money Work’. We have brainstormed many questions we would like to find out. We decided one organisation we could ask to visit and answer our questions is the Commonwealth Bank. Click on the link below to see a list of all the questions we would like to find out:

Our Wonderings

On Wednesday the 5th of August two students from each 3/4 class were selected to go to the Commonwealth Bank to ask if they would be able to visit. First we went to the office and talked about who was going to say what, then Miss. Dickson went to get her camera so we waited in the foyer, until she came back. Then we went out the door and walked to the bank. We talked to the Bank Manager at their Mount Waverley branch and asked if they would be able to come and talk to us about the bank and which bank account would be the best for students to have.


The Bank’s Visit!
On Monday the 10th of August 2015, Vicki and Haley talked to us about working at a bank and what they do. They also answered nearly all our questions. Haley works at a branch of commonwealth bank and Vicki goes to schools and talks to the kids. One of things we learned was to start a bank account you need at least 5c and some proof of identity like: Your birth certificate, your parents driver’s licence or passport. Another fact we learned was that the money comes from the mint, then it goes to the reserve bank and finally it goes to the bank.

What important information did we learn about the Bank?
* That your money is always safe at the bank even if a robber robbed the bank.
* The biggest bank in the world is the Bank of China
* 50,000 people work for commonwealth bank

What did you learn from the Commonwealth Bank’s visit?
What have you learnt about how money works?

Blog post written by Daniel, Mia and Jorja

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