I think that it is important to remember ANZAC Day because soldiers fought for Australia and New Zealand’s freedom and lots of people died for us so we should pay our respects to those soldiers. I also feel sorry for the families that have a relative who died at war. Those people who went to war knew that they could die but sacrificed their lives and went away leaving their family for a period of time. We should remember how scared the soldiers’ family were as war went for a long time. Lots of people are very sad because war isn’t a good thing. I think it is important because if we didn’t have those brave soldiers, then we wouldn’t be a free country. By Theresa

It is important to remember ANZAC Day because all of the soldiers served our country and put their lives at risk so we could have a free country. All the people that came back from war want to celebrate what they did for Australia and what their mates have done even if they didn’t return. By Nikolas

I think it is important to remember ANZAC Day because the people that fought for us protected us and are still protecting us. So we should remember them. They knew they could die but they still fought. They left their family knowing that they might not return. They knew the dangers and injuries they might get. Lest We Forget. By Paige

ANZAC Day is a time to remember what happened to the people that fought for us in World War 1 and World War 2. I think the ANZAC day tradition is a great time to celebrate all the people that made our world a better place. By Taylah

It is important to remember ANZAC Day because all the soldiers fought for our country. It reminds us of all the soldiers who died for us. The Soldiers were very brave to go to war. By Evan

It is important to remember ANZAC Day because the people who went to war went for us and for our freedom. There is a Dawn Service and then a parade. People from the war go to have a drink. Some relatives go with them. They died for us while serving our country. By Gabriella

It is important to remember ANZAC Day for all the brave, young but sad, people who fought for our freedom. OUR freedom. They risked their lives in World War 1. Over 60,000 Aussies and New Zealanders died, for us. That is why we have ANZAC Day. We also celebrate ANZAC Day for all the survivors. To remember all the fallen soldiers we have a minute silence and play the last post. We also have dawn services. By Sophie M

Please watch the song ‘The Last ANZAC’

Why do you think it is important to remember ANZAC Day?

What did you do on ANZAC Day?



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In 3/4D we have been looking at the events of Holy Week. Each level in the school was given a section of Holy Week to create a piece of artwork. Our Preps created fantastic pictures of Palm Sunday. Our Year 1/2s lead us through the events of Holy Thursday where Jesus washed the disciples feet and then shared a Last Supper together.

Our level was asked to create artwork depicting events on Holy Thursday where Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. The Year 3/4 students broke into groups and used a variety of techniques to create our artwork. We used collage, oil pastels, water colour painting, charcoal and stencils to create our pictures. Click on the link below to see students individual art pieces and to listen to their reflections on their piece.

Our Year 5/6 students created amazing pictures showing the events of Good Friday.

Why is it important to remember the events of Holy Week?
What did you like about the different pieces of art? Why?
What did you like about your piece of art work?

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Harmony Day is a time when everyone celebrates all the different cultures that make Australia unique. It is on the 21st of March. This day is about respecting others and trying to make the world a better place to live in. Harmony Day is caring about other people’s culture and traditions. You can join in the celebrations by wearing orange.

Did you know 45% of Australians have been born overseas or their parents are from overseas. In 3/4D we have students from Vietnam, Germany, Korea, Italy, Greece, England, Ireland, Israel, Kenya, Ukraine and Australia.

This morning we started with a whole school Harmony Day Assembly. Students were given a Harmony Day sticker and a Bullying No Way wristband. We all sang a special song for Harmony Day called Tell me your story.

In class we watched a short video about Harmony Day and we chose a Harmony Day colouring in sheet to do.
Check out some of our artwork!








At 12.45pm the students in year 2, 3 and 4 went to the oval to participate in some fun teamwork activities organised by our SRC reps. We did a hopping race, sack race, egg and spoon race and a three-legged race. The activities were really fun and everyone got to have a go. Some students were given certificates for supporting others in a positive way.

We had lunch together as a whole school to celebrate Harmony Day. Students all got an icy-pole.

Check out photos from our Harmony Day activities:

The 21st of March also marks Bullying No Way! Day. This is a day to take a stand together against bullying.
This reminds us to stand up against bullying behaviour.

What does Harmony Day mean to you? What was your favourite part of Harmony Day?

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On Saturday 15th March Holy Family School held the Great Fete. What was your favourite part of the day? Use your senses and descriptive words to create a snapshot from the day.

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Brian Hull sings the Disney song ‘Let it Go’ in different character voices from a range of Disney and Pixar movies.

Watch the You Tube clip below:

What is your favourite Disney or Pixar movie? Why?
Give at least 3 reasons for why it is your favourite movie. Try and persuade the audience to agree with your choice.

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Holy Family held their annual school sports over two Fridays. On Friday 14th February every grade participated in a ball game at school earning points for their house teams. Last Friday 21st February we all headed to the Bill Steart Athletics track at Burwood for our Twilight Sports. All students in Year 3/4 participated in a sprint, shuttle relay and long jump. Some students represented our level in the circular relay. At the end of the night Red won the overall sports while Green won the Spirit award.

Write a reflection about your experiences at Twilight Sports. Remember good writers describe events clearly with lots of detail. Think about your senses to help you describe the evening.

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Hi Year 3/4D!!!!! I hope you are enjoying the school holidays.

What has been your favourite holiday adventure? Have you seen any movies or read any books you would recommend to everyone? What are you looking forward to in 2014?

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Year 3/4D thank you for making 2013 a memorable and an enjoyable year. Click on the smilebox below to see some of my favourite memories:

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What was your favourite memory this year?

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a fantastic holiday and don’t forget to say hi next year!
Best Wishes always from Miss Dickson

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Year 3/4D went on an excursion to Sovereign Hill on Friday 1st November. Upon returning to school students worked with a partner to create their own photo story using little birds tales. We invite you to look at their memories of Sovereign Hill below:

Have you been to Sovereign Hill before? If so what is your favourite memory of Sovereign Hill? If not what would you like to do at Sovereign Hill if you got the chance to visit?

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On Friday the first of December all the 3/4s went to Sovereign Hill. It was a long two hour trip. Finally we arrived at Sovereign Hill and had our play lunch. Then we went into our groups. We went to see the gold pour and we went panning for gold, some of us found gold and some didn’t. We also went into a mine and watched a hologram movie.

When we returned to school we created pieces of artwork showing our favourite memory of our Sovereign Hill excursion. Click on the little birds tail to see our artwork and hear our reflections of our excursion.

What is your favourite thing to do at Sovereign Hill?
What did you learn from our excursion to Sovereign Hill?

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