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Year 2/3D are learning how to write a persuasive text.


Dogs are better than cats Dogs are better than cats because they are loving loyal animals. Dogs are good animals because they help you get fit when you go for a walk with them. Dogs are better than cats because dogs can be trained to do special jobs like taking care of blind people or […]

Year 2/3D are learning how to write persuasive texts.


Children should wear helmets on bikes and scooters I agree that helmets are very safe. They protect your head. I think everyone should wear a helmet.   Helmets protect your head so it is very important to wear a helmet when riding a bike and scooter.   I think it is important to wear a […]

ANZAC Day – 25th April


ANZAC Day is important to remember because many people died in World War 1 (by Louisa, Atara and Aine). On the 25th April, 1915 the soldiers in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed on Gallipoli. During this time over 8,000 Australian soldiers were killed fighting for our freedom. On ANZAC Day we remember […]

What adventures have you had during the April school holidays?


For the last two weeks the students in Year 2/3D have been on school holidays. What has been the highlight from your holiday? What would you recommend to your class mates to visit or see?

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