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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!!


Year 2/3D have been learning about the Olympic Games. To get into the Olympic spirit we had a special day at school on Friday 27th July. We dressed up in colours supporting our country of origin. We were to have an olympic tabloid sport session but this was unfotunately postponed due to bad weather. We […]

Change the World


Our Term 2 Inquiry question was ‘Why should we care for our Earth?’ Towards the end of our unit we learnt a song called ‘Change the World’ by Louise Crawford and Mark Raue. It has a great line in the chorus that says: If you wanna change the world just start, change it with the […]

Holiday Adventures


Here in Melbourne, Australia we are currently on two weeks school holidays. We would love for you to share highlights from your holidays with the class. You might want to recommend a place to visit, a movie to see or a book to read.

Update about our Plant Experiments


During the last 30 days the students in Year 2/3D have been growing radishes. They have experimented with different types of light and water. Below they share their findings and discoveries. What other plants or vegetables have you grown?

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