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Reasons why we love Holy Family School


When it was the Prep’s 100th day we brainstormed 25 reasons why we love Holy Family School. We have put all of our reasons into the photo story below: Customize your own free slideshow design Why do you love Holy Family School? What has been your favourite thing this year at school?

Celebrating Book Week


Book Week runs from the 18th – 24th August. It is Australia’s longest running children’s festival and has been happening since 1945. Each year, many schools and public libraries from all over Australia spend a week celebrating Australian authors and illustrators. This year the theme is Champions Read. On Thursday we had a dress up […]

2/3D are learning about Multiplication and Arrays


2/3D have been learning about multiplication. An array is a set of objects arranged in order, often in rows and columns. Arrays make counting and calculating easier. Check out all the different arrays we found in our classroom and school playground. 2/3D created their own array word problems. Click on the link below and see […]

Family Blogging Month Update by Brigitte and Marcus


Students in 2/3D and 3/4GB have been involved in a family blogging challenge during the month of August. So far during the month of August we have had 325 comments posted on our blog. Click on the video below to see Brigitte and Marcus update everyone on the results so far. Thank you for visiting […]

Sally Pearson’s Olympic Gold Medal by Stephanie


I have enjoyed watching the Olympics. So much has been written about Sally Pearson and I took an interest in watching her race. As the race is about to begin the athletes take their place at the starting blocks. You could almost hear a pin drop as they position themselves to start. The starting gun […]

Our Science Incursion on the Digestive System


On Monday 6th August 2/3D went to an incursion to learn more about the Digestive System. Jacinta from Monash University Science centre lead us through the activities. We were all feeling excited to explore the Digestive System in further detail. First we looked at how our tongue has different taste buds and can detect if […]

Our Olympic Mascots


Every Olympics the host country designs a mascot for their olympic games. This year London designed Wenlock and Mandeville. Watch the video below to see how the London Olympic Games Mascots were created: The students in Year 2/3D created their own Oympic Mascot. Some students chose to design their mascot for the next Olympics which […]

100th Day Celebrations


On Wednesday 1st August it was our Prep’s 100th day at school. Our whole school decided to help them celebrate this special milestone. Students could come dressed in something to do with the number 100. In maths we used our 100 things to represent multiplication and division. We even ate fairy bread with 100s and […]

School Concert – Alice in Wonderland


On Thursday 26th July everyone at Holy Family excitedly headed to the Besen centre for our school concert. The students in Year 2/3 and 3/4 performed the musical Alice in Wonderland. After months of practising, the night was finally here. It was fabulous! Check out our costumes and reflections below. school concert – slideshow maker […]

Our Olympic Tagxedos


On Friday afternoons half of our class go to choir. Today with the students not in choir we created our own Olympic Tagxedo. We brainstormed all the sports in the Olympics and all the words to do with the Olympics to make our creations. We hope you enjoy our designs. By Marcus and Gabe By […]

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