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Dublin by Aine and Sian


Dublin is the capital of Ireland it is the place to be when you are looking for a holiday. Weather: The weather in Ireland is really cold at the minute but some time’s it can get hot. Food: The food in Ireland is normally potato and shepherd’s pie. Population: The population in Dublin is more […]

London by Gemma and Zara


London is the capital city of England. It is amazing place to visit. It is very good to visit London because their weather gets really hot. Exciting Places To Visit And Things You Can Go On There are lots of good places to visit in London .these are the places London eye , Big Ben […]

Cairns by Isabella and Brigitte


About cairns Cairns Is a wonderful place to go on a holiday with your family and to live. Cairns Is in the top north. Cairns has lots of fun activities and great entertainment. Activities In cairns there are lots of great activities for you and your family to enjoy like animal watching, bird watching, camping, […]

Robe by Lachlan and Alexsi


Where is robe? Robe is in South Australia on the edge of the coast. Is it hot there? Yes it is hot in robe. In summer it is over 30 degrees and in winter it is about 15 degrees celcius. What foods do they eat? They eat foods like lobster, fish, ice-cream and more. What […]

Las Vegas by Marcus and Sebastian


Las Vegas is a popular city in the USA it is famous for its casinos and popular tourist attractions like the hotel Paris and the fountains at the Bellagio. Population The population in Las Vegas is around five hundred thousand seven hundred and fifty six people. Climate The climate in Las Vegas is hot all […]

The Kimberley’s by Jacob I and Justin


The Kimberley’s is a great place because it is the heart of Australia. It has lots of amazing places to visit and the animals there are great for big safari trips. And it is so hot there Activities: There are lots of activities to do in the Kimberley’s like going on trips or safari’s to […]

Hanoi By Theresa and Sophie


Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, and it is a very good place to visit. Population: In Hanoi, there are 6,232,940 people including the visitors. Exciting Places To visit: Hanoi is a place that tourists would like to go to visit. St Joseph’s Cathedral is a very old church. It is like walking into […]

Los Angeles by Elisa and Atara


Los Angeles is a city in California which is a state in America. Tourist attractions: In L.A the tourist attractions are Hollywood because of the celebrities. Disneyland and California adventure with all the rides and Disney characters. Relax in the peaceful and beautiful ocean at Santa Monica/Venice beach. Popular hotels: Go and stay at the […]

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