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Rome by Stephanie and Chiara


About Rome:
Rome is the capital city of Lazieo. In Rome there are lots of people speak Italian and some people speak English. The famous food in Rome is pizza and pasta. Rome is great place to visit!

Exciting places in Rome:
In Rome there are lots of places to visit like the trevi fountain, the coliseum (with fireworks), the Roman, Italy fountain, city of Rome, Rome trintia Dei monti church also the pizza- novia

What foods and drinks do they eat and drink in Rome:
In Rome there is lots of foods and drinks like:
• pizza
• Pasta/spaghetti
• Salad (insalata)
• Chocolate (chocolata)
• Wine (vino)
• Ice-cream (gelato)
• Water (aqua)
• Nutala (Natala)
• Soup(minestrone)
• Fruit (fruita)
• Cake (panettone)

Thank you for listening!!!

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“Rome by Stephanie and Chiara”

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