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Happy Fathers Day!


Year 3/4D want to wish all our Dads a very Happy Fathers Day. Check out our special messages below: Happy Fathers Day! from Alison Dickson on Vimeo. How did you spoil your Father on Fathers Day? What was your favourite part of Fathers Day?

Week 5: How does money work?


During week 5 we did lots of learning in inquiry. We learnt how to have good customer service. With that we got coins and pretended we were shop keepers. We had to use our manners and think about things we could say to make our customers want to come back. We looked at the strong […]

Week 4: How does money work?


In week four of Inquiry we were looking at living below the poverty line. We watched a video about living below the poverty line. Also some people took a challenge that could for five days only use $2 a day for their food. People in Brazil are poor and need Quinoa. The farmer sends it […]

Our 100 day celebrations


On Friday 2nd August it was our Prep students’ 100th day at school. Our whole school helped them celebrate this amazing milestone. We all dressed up with something to do with the number 100. Some students had the number 100 on the back of their footy jumper while others wore a $100 note. Some had […]

Week 3 of our Inquiry Unit – How Does Money Work?


In week 3 of our inquiry unit we have brainstormed who we could ask to find out ‘How Does Money Work?’ We decided to see if someone from a bank could come and visit us. We brainstormed questions we would like to ask people that work at a bank. Click on the link below to […]

100 Days


As part of our 100 days celebration we are using a tool called Padlet to collect different ways to make 100. Use the website below to add your maths problem that equals 100. Remember each of the 3/4 classes are adding 25 problems. This means we will end up with 100 problems. Created with Padlet

Week 2 of our Inquiry – How does money work?


For the second week of inquiry we started by doing a diamond ranking. We had nine things to organise into 9 ranks. The items we sorted were: Food and water, electricity, clothes, car, housing, heating & cooling, Footy/netball/skateboard, Xbox/Ipad/ and CD. We had to sort them in order of most importance to least importance. For […]

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