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The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin


Our Inquiry unit is looking at how Australia has changed over time. This week in reading we looked at Frederick McCubbin’s painting The Pioneer. Students discussed the people, objects and scenery they could see in each section of the painting. They discussed how they felt when looking at the painting. After our class discussion students […]

Our Guest Speaker


On the 24th of October 2013 Mrs Casley came to our class to talk about her immigration story. She came from Argentina and she came to Australia when she was 21 in 1983 and she has been in Australia for 30 years now. Mrs Casley’s family came to Australia because the economy was bad in […]

Inquiry Week 1 & 2 – How has Australia changed over time?


On Monday the 7th of October we found out about our inquiry topic it was Australian History. Then we found out our essential question which was How Has Australia Changed Over Time? Then for our first activity we had to draw a map of Australia with as much detail as possible, using only what we already […]

Learning about FRACTIONS


This term we have been learning about Fractions. Watch the video below to find out more about Fractions: What do you know about Fractions? Where do you see fractions being used? Can you give a problem for our class to solve involving fractions?

Shopping for Operation Christmas Child


The Middle Level held a market day last term to raise money for a charity called Operation Christmas Child. The aim of Operation Christmas Child is to bring joy to children in need by providing Christmas boxes filled with gifts. As a level we raised enough money to fill 30 shoe boxes. On Thursday 3/4D […]

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