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Book Week – Connect to Reading


Monday 18th August commenced the start of Book Week. This year’s theme is Connect to Reading. It is all about enjoying the experience of exploring stories and travelling to other worlds. Most people associate reading with bedtime and wearing pyjamas. Therefore students came to school in their favourite pyjamas and onesies. 3/4D shared their favourite […]

Learning Expo


Our Term 2 and 3 Inquiry unit was called ‘Synchronise My System!’ All the students in Year 3/4D choose a system to research. We wrote an explanation about how our system works and created a model. On Thursday 14th we had our Middle School Learning Expo. We excitedly shared our knowledge about our system with […]

Our Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Concert!


A Night With the Star! On Friday the 1st of August the students of Holy Family put on one of the most incredible performances of the year. The adaptation of Peter Pan by the Junior grades and Mary Poppins by the Middle and Senior grades had critics calling it the stage show of a generation. […]

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