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Our Science Learning Expo


This term in Inquiry we have been investigating ‘What is Science’. We looked at many different types of Science, visited Avila’s Science Lab, had a Scientist come in and speak with our class and carried out a few science experiments. To go further with our inquiry each of us undertook a personal inquiry into an […]

Our visit to Avila’s Science Lab


This term our Inquiry unit is ‘WHAT IS SCIENCE?’ On Friday 1st May 3/4D and 3/4BB visited Avila Secondary College to see their Science Labs and investigate many different types of Science – Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science. We had the chance to complete five different science experiments. Click on the link below to see photos […]

3/4D excursion to the Zoo


Earlier this term our whole school went to the Melbourne Zoo. We were all feeling excited as we hopped on the bus. When we arrived at the zoo we had our recess then we went to ‘the deep’ to begin our SOS (Save Our Species) program. Throughout our day at the zoo we visited some of […]

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