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Our Excursion to Sovereign Hill


Our Term 4 Inquiry unit is investigating ‘What are the significant events and people that have changed Australia?’ Our Friday 23rd October all the year 3/4s headed to Sovereign Hill to discover what life was like in the 1850s and how the Gold Rush made a significant impact on life in Australia. After what seemed […]

Operation Christmas Child


Our Term 3 Inquiry unit involved students running a market stall to raise money for charity. We raised $1650! What an amazing effort from the students in year 3/4. On Thursday 15th October Year 3/4D went over to the shops to buy things to put into our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. This charity gives children […]

Year 3/4 Market Day – Raising Money for Charity


Our Term 3 Inquiry unit was ‘How Does Money Work?’ Our taking action involved students working in small groups running a market day stall which the whole school attended. The goal of our market day was to put the skills we had learnt throughout the inquiry into action and raise as money as we could […]

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