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How Does Money Work – Week 3 & 4


On Thursday 30th July (week 3) we read the book The Money Tree. It was about Miss Mcgillicuddy who had a money tree in her backyard. All the people in the community kept on taking money from it and the tree began to get weaker and weaker. Once it got so weak it’s leaves started […]

How to make Salt Dough Animals – Procedure


This term we have been learning all about Procedures. Recently we made salt dough animals. Some of the animals included unicorns, owls, wolves, spiders, penguins and lots more. We also painted the animals in a lot of different colours. This is an example of the salt dough unicorn: Here is the procedure you can follow […]

Learning about Procedures


This term we have started to work on procedures. We have learnt about the structure of a procedure and how they always start with a title that tells you what you are making or doing. Next comes the goal that tells you what you are aiming to achieve. After comes the ingredients or materials that […]

How Does Money Work – Week 2


On Monday 3/4 D and 3/4 BB were learning about needs and wants. Firstly we did an activity where we had to decide what we could pack in our back pack if we were going camping for the weekend. We all paired up and the partner had to be from the other class. We had […]

How Does Money Work – week 1


In Inquiry, Year 3/4D and 3/4BB we have been learning all about the topic “How Does Money Work?”. On Monday 3/4D and 3/4BB paired up and did interviews about money. I interviewed Olivia and some of the questions and answers I got from her were: “Do you own a bank account?” and she replied with- “yes […]

Our Science Learning Expo


This term in Inquiry we have been investigating ‘What is Science’. We looked at many different types of Science, visited Avila’s Science Lab, had a Scientist come in and speak with our class and carried out a few science experiments. To go further with our inquiry each of us undertook a personal inquiry into an […]

Our visit to Avila’s Science Lab


This term our Inquiry unit is ‘WHAT IS SCIENCE?’ On Friday 1st May 3/4D and 3/4BB visited Avila Secondary College to see their Science Labs and investigate many different types of Science – Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science. We had the chance to complete five different science experiments. Click on the link below to see photos […]

3/4D excursion to the Zoo


Earlier this term our whole school went to the Melbourne Zoo. We were all feeling excited as we hopped on the bus. When we arrived at the zoo we had our recess then we went to ‘the deep’ to begin our SOS (Save Our Species) program. Throughout our day at the zoo we visited some of […]

ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget


Talk to your Mum, Dad or a Grandparent about the meaning of ANZAC Day. Ask them the following questions: What happens on ANZAC Day? Why do you think April 25th was chosen as the day on which to remember the ANZACS? Why do you think that ANZAC Day is such an important day in Australia […]

School Sports Day


Earlier this term we had our School Sport Carnival. This event is run over two weeks. On Friday 13th February we held the Ball Games activities at school. Each grade level participated in a different ball game and points were awarded to our houses. The Year 3s participated in Triple Ball while the Year 4s […]

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