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Inquiry Week 1 & 2 – How has Australia changed over time?


On Monday the 7th of October we found out about our inquiry topic it was Australian History. Then we found out our essential question which was How Has Australia Changed Over Time? Then for our first activity we had to draw a map of Australia with as much detail as possible, using only what we already […]

Shopping for Operation Christmas Child


The Middle Level held a market day last term to raise money for a charity called Operation Christmas Child. The aim of Operation Christmas Child is to bring joy to children in need by providing Christmas boxes filled with gifts. As a level we raised enough money to fill 30 shoe boxes. On Thursday 3/4D […]

Week 5: How does money work?


During week 5 we did lots of learning in inquiry. We learnt how to have good customer service. With that we got coins and pretended we were shop keepers. We had to use our manners and think about things we could say to make our customers want to come back. We looked at the strong […]

Week 4: How does money work?


In week four of Inquiry we were looking at living below the poverty line. We watched a video about living below the poverty line. Also some people took a challenge that could for five days only use $2 a day for their food. People in Brazil are poor and need Quinoa. The farmer sends it […]

100 Days


As part of our 100 days celebration we are using a tool called Padlet to collect different ways to make 100. Use the website below to add your maths problem that equals 100. Remember each of the 3/4 classes are adding 25 problems. This means we will end up with 100 problems. Created with Padlet

World Read Aloud Day


  March 7th 2012 was World Read Aloud Day. The day is a special day where reading aloud to friends and family is encouraged to mark the importance of global literacy. It is about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people.   2/3D and 3/4GB […]

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