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How Does Money Work – Week 3 & 4


On Thursday 30th July (week 3) we read the book The Money Tree. It was about Miss Mcgillicuddy who had a money tree in her backyard. All the people in the community kept on taking money from it and the tree began to get weaker and weaker. Once it got so weak it’s leaves started to turn brown and fall off. When they all fell off, Miss Mcgillicuddy chopped the tree down. She was happy now that no one came into her backyard. After the book we did an activity that involved us getting into groups. We had to talk about the book.


On Friday 31st July (week 3) We worked in small groups to create a proposal to use the money from The Money Tree for something that would benefit the whole community. Some people proposed fire stations, others water parks and theme parks. We had to discuss the location where it will be and how much money it would cost. At the end we all shared what work we did.

On Monday 3rd August (week 4) We got into groups and brainstormed possible ideas for Market Day focussing on both market stalls selling goods and market stalls offering services. Some ideas we came up with is sponge throw which is when you put your head in this hole and you throw a sponge at your head. You get wet but it is fun. We also came with a idea like nail polish, muffin pizzas, lolly stall, and art and crafts.

On Tuesday 4th August (week 4) we got into groups and filled in possible ideas for Market day. We planned our proposals for Market Day. We had to find a group and write a proposal about 6 stalls we would like to do. 3/4BB and 3/4D made sensible choices with who was in their group (2 students from each class). We all enjoyed writing and combining our ideas together.

On Thursday 6th August (week 4) a Guest speaker came in and talked to the 3/4s about her photo booth business – Not Just A Visual Photo Booth. You can visit her website below:

We learnt that you have to work out how much to sell your product for, depending on how much it costs to make and how long it takes to create the product. We also learnt that you have to be polite and friendly to your customers. Some people got a photo at the photo booth and brought it home. There were accessories you could dress up in like bunny ears, glasses and viking hats. Check out photos below from our session with Justine:

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The last things we learnt was there are two different types of photo booths like the automated photo booth and the studio photo booth. We talked about what we need for our Market Day Stall and how to run a business.

What new discoveries have you made about ‘How Money Works’?
How would you spend the money from the Money Tree?
What did you learn from our Guest Speaker?
What stall are you running at Market Day?

Blog Post Written By Freddy, Jenna, Michael and Gabriella

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How to make Salt Dough Animals – Procedure


This term we have been learning all about Procedures. Recently we made salt dough animals. Some of the animals included unicorns, owls, wolves, spiders, penguins and lots more. We also painted the animals in a lot of different colours.

This is an example of the salt dough unicorn:


Here is the procedure you can follow to make your own Salt Dough Unicorn:

Title: How to make a salty dough animal

Goal: Follow to make a salty dough unicorn.

grease paper
mixing bowl
cup measures
baking sheet
plain flour
cup measures

1. Carefully scoop one cup of flour into a mixing bowl.
2. Add half a cup of salt into the bowl and give it a stir.
3. Add half a cup of water – adding some more each time and mixing ever so quickly and carefully.
4. Knead dough firmly in mixing bowl and all ingredients should bind together.
5. Take dough out from mixing bowl.
6. Knead ball of dough for approx 10 minutes.
7. Roll evenly to 0.5cm thickness.
8. Cut your animal out of your dough
9. Carefully place in oven for 4 hours on 100c
10. Paint your animal

Evaluation: You can now make your house pretty or make someone else happy.

Below are photos of our class’ amazing Salt Dough Animal Creations:

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What animal did you make?

What colours did you use?

Was this a successful procedure?

Was this enjoyable?

What are some other ideas on procedures we should try?

Blog Post Written By Ayva, Abbey, Georgia and Lachlan

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Learning about Procedures


This term we have started to work on procedures. We have learnt about the structure of a procedure and how they always start with a title that tells you what you are making or doing. Next comes the goal that tells you what you are aiming to achieve. After comes the ingredients or materials that tell you what you need to achieve the goal. Most importantly the method that tells you how to achieve your goal. Lastly and optional the evaluation that tells you how to tell if you have achieved your goal.

Here is an example of a procedure we have made and written for the “English Muffin Pizzas (margarita) By Ayva

Title: English muffin Pizzas – Margarita

Goal: Follow this recipe and you will be able to bake a delicious muffin pizza.

tomato sauce (we used passata)
herbs (optional)
english muffin
parmesan cheese (shredded)

tea spoon

1. Preheat the oven responsibly to 190c
2. Carefully lay out a tray and line a sheet of greaseproof paper (baking paper) on the tray
3. Cut the english muffin in half following the crease and carefully place them on the tray with a slight gap in between each muffin cut side up.
4. Spread passata gently over the inside (the side that you cut) of your muffins using the tablespoon (you only need 1 tablespoon).
5. With the tablespoon quickly and generously sprinkle herbs over your muffin (optional).
6. Generously sprinkle parmesan cheese over the muffin.
7. Generously sprinkle more herbs (more optional than step 5)
8. Bake in oven for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is brown, crispy and bubbly.

Enjoy your yummy, crispy delicious pizza muffins!

We had lots of fun making our muffin pizzas and they tasted DELICIOUS. Check out the video below:

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If you made this please tell us if this recipe was enjoyable?

What other toppings can we try on Muffin Pizzas?

Was this a simple recipe to follow?

Was your pizza crispy brown and bubbly?

What are some other ideas on procedures we should try?

Blog Post Written By Ayva, Abbey, Georgia and Lachlan

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How Does Money Work – Week 2


On Monday 3/4 D and 3/4 BB were learning about needs and wants. Firstly we did an activity where we had to decide what we could pack in our back pack if we were going camping for the weekend. We all paired up and the partner had to be from the other class. We had to choose what things we would need for survival as opposed to things we could live without. We discussed the difference between a need and a want.

needs and wants

On Tuesday we continued to look at needs and wants. We brainstormed all the needs and wants for different people in the community – a baby, an elderly couple and a child. Next we read about a book called Harry and Herbert.


One day they were fishing and they found treasure. Herbert pushed Harry off a boat and took the treasure to a fortress that he made after a while. Herbert could not sleep but Harry could sleep. Herbert could not sleep because he was too worried about someone taking his treasure which is a want. Harry could sleep because he had family and a shelter and a bed. Harry got it better than Herbert. Good Choice Harry!!

On Thursday we read a book called ‘Alexander Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday’. This book was about a boy called Alexander who didn’t realise the difference between needs and wants. So he didn’t spend his money wisely, and instead he got something he really wanted not what he needed.


This is important to realise because some people waste money on what they really want and then when they need something they don’t have any money left to pay for their needs. You need to think carefully about what to spend your money on. It is important to purchase a need before a want.

Then we were assigned to do a Diamond Ranking of our needs and wants. At the top was the thing we needed most, and then down at the bottom, was something we wanted, but it wasn’t needed. It was really fun, and we all thought about different things!


On friday we talked about budgets. We investigated what the term budgeting means and all of the different types of budgets. A budget involves having a plan for spending and saving money. A budget is the amount of money that is available for spending and a plan on how it will be spent. Individuals and families can have budgets but so too can the government. This is called the Federal budget.

We watched a Behind the News video about the 2010 Federal Budget and it talked to the treasurer of Australia, Wayne Swan. He shares the money to ministers, which are people who are in charge of different states, and different things in life, such as: Minister Of Education, Minister Of Housing, Minister Of Environment, Minister Of Public Transport and Minister Of Health And Safety.

And if, say, the Treasurer makes more tax for parents to pay, it may sound like it doesn’t involve you, but if your Mum and Dad need to pay more tax, you pocket money will go down. So it affects a lot of people. That’s why the Treasurer needs to keep things even, or people will be affected, good or bad.

What does money mean to you?
If you were on a hiking trip what would you take?
How does money help us?
How can money effect us in bad ways?

Blog post written by Lachlan, Luca, Liv and Livi.

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How Does Money Work – week 1


In Inquiry, Year 3/4D and 3/4BB we have been learning all about the topic “How Does Money Work?”.

On Monday 3/4D and 3/4BB paired up and did interviews about money. I interviewed Olivia and some of the questions and answers I got from her were: “Do you own a bank account?” and she replied with- “yes its with the commonwealth bank”. I also asked Olivia if she earned pocket money and she said that she did. Below are some photos taken during our paired interviews:

On Tuesday we tuned into our new topic “HOW DOES MONEY WORK?” We learnt what Tuning In is. First we made a definition of what we thought Tuning In was and then we looked at a poster of what Tuning In really was.

Our definition said that Tuning In was:

* The start of an inquiry unit

* it gets us excited

* It is sharing what we already know

* listening to what others know

* an introduction to the topic

* brainstorming ideas for the topic and

* thinking about what we want to learn.

The poster said that Tuning In is: getting excited about the topic and finding out what we already know.

We brainstormed questions that we had about the topic. Some of our questions that we would like to find out include:

* When did money start?
* How was money made?
* Why are their certain colours for certain notes?
* What are some of the currencies in other countries?
* Why are there different people on coins and notes?

On Thursday we got into groups of 4 and brainstormed what we can buy with money and that was including Goods and Services. After that we got a new piece of paper and split it in half. On one side we wrote all the Goods and on the other we wrote Services.

Goods are things that we buy, hold and use. Services are when you go to a place and they do something for you.

inquiry 7

On Friday we pretended that we had unlimited money. We made a wish list of the things we wanted the most. Lots of people had mansions and apple stuff. We chose our top 3 favorites and we guessed how much money they each cost and researched it on the internet.

What do you already know about How money works?

What do you want to find out about money?

What was your favourite part of inquiry this week?

If money was no object what would you like to buy? Why?

Blog post written by Tom, Dan, Georgia and Ayva

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Our Science Learning Expo


This term in Inquiry we have been investigating ‘What is Science’. We looked at many different types of Science, visited Avila’s Science Lab, had a Scientist come in and speak with our class and carried out a few science experiments.

To go further with our inquiry each of us undertook a personal inquiry into an area of Science that interested us. Students choose to research Biology, Zoology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Marine Biology, Archaeology, Gemology, and Geology. We had to write an information report about our chosen Science and create a presentation sharing our knowledge of both our Science and a Scientist in that field.

Finally we invited our parents, teachers and students at our school to attend our Learning Expo so we could share our new knowledge and understandings with everyone. Click the link below to see photos from our learning expo:

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What was your favourite moment from Learning Expo?
What did you learn about your chosen area of Science?
How does that Science help us to understand our world?
Why is Science important?
What did you learn about your chosen scientist?

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Our visit to Avila’s Science Lab


This term our Inquiry unit is ‘WHAT IS SCIENCE?’ On Friday 1st May 3/4D and 3/4BB visited Avila Secondary College to see their Science Labs and investigate many different types of Science – Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science.

We had the chance to complete five different science experiments.

Click on the link below to see photos from our time at the Science Lab:

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What was your favourite part of our visit to Avila’s Science Lab?
What discoveries did you make?
What is your favourite type of Science?

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3/4D excursion to the Zoo


Earlier this term our whole school went to the Melbourne Zoo. We were all feeling excited as we hopped on the bus.

When we arrived at the zoo we had our recess then we went to ‘the deep’ to begin our SOS (Save Our Species) program. Throughout our day at the zoo we visited some of the 10 SOS animals which are the Orangutans, Elephants, Koalas, Corroboree Frog, Phillipines Crocodile, Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, Helmeted Honey Eater, Lions, Gorillas and Seals.

We discovered these 10 animals are all endangered and we need to try and save them. All of these animals are in endangered because humans are destroying their habitats.

Please click on the link below to see photos from our excursion.

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We all enjoyed being at the zoo and would like to go back again.

What is your favourite part of visiting Melbourne Zoo?

What is your favourite animal at the Zoo?

What animal would you like to save?

What can we do to save the animals?

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ANZAC Day – Lest We Forget



Talk to your Mum, Dad or a Grandparent about the meaning of ANZAC Day.
Ask them the following questions:

What happens on ANZAC Day?
Why do you think April 25th was chosen as the day on which to remember the ANZACS?
Why do you think that ANZAC Day is such an important day in Australia and New Zealand?
What makes this ANZAC Day important?

Write your responses to the questions above in a blog comment.


You might even like to watch the Spirit of the ANZAC video below. Click on the link:

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School Sports Day


Earlier this term we had our School Sport Carnival. This event is run over two weeks. On Friday 13th February we held the Ball Games activities at school. Each grade level participated in a different ball game and points were awarded to our houses. The Year 3s participated in Triple Ball while the Year 4s participated in a Soccer Dribble relay. Click on the link below to see photos from the Ball Games.

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On Friday 20th February we headed excitedly off to the Bill Sewart Reserve for the second part of our school sports. We participated in numerous events at Twilight sports – Sprints, Long Jump, Shuttle Relay and Circular Relay. Click on the link below to see photos from our Twilight Sports.

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After our Ball Games activities and the numerous events at twilight Athletics Carnival there was only 1 point that separated our first and second placings. Congratulations to Green House on coming from behind in the final few events to win this years Athletics Shield.

What was your favourite part of our school sports? Why was it your favourite part?

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